Web Development

HTML, CSS, Sass and jQuery

Bullfrog (view on GitHub)

An HTML page mock up written using the SASS CSS preprocessor and jQuery. Designed from a wireframe.

Drupal Site Building

Portfolio Template

This is a mock up for a potential portfolio site using druapl and themed with Bootstrap. In it I have written and enabled a module that finds and displays a count of the number of projects, badges and blog posts the user has uploaded to the site.

Angular.js App

ToDo List (view on GitHub)

This is app is a todo list that should allow the user to create and remove items from a list. It is styled using the Bootstrap front-end framework.

Ruby On Rails App

Basic Web App

This is a basic web app created using Rails. It should demonstrate basic functionality and usability such as allowing a user to log on and off and create a profile.

United States Social Forum Philadelphia 2015 Drupal Site

HTML Mockups
Live site (still WIP)

The capstone of our time at Dev Camp was the chance to work on a real website for a non-profit. The group I chose is the United States Social Forum which will be hosting one of its events here in Philadephia in 2015. They are a great orginization and were a pleasure to work. This is dummy created to show the representative from United States Social Fourm to get a sense of what he wanted the finished website to look like. This excecise was helpful because it allowed me to visualize what the styles would look like for the finished site. Ultimately we went in a different direction for the theme but you can still see traces of these original mockups in the finished design. For the development of the live site I took the role of front-end developer and am responsible for the theme and general design of the site.